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What's New:  Chinese 2013 1oz Silver Pandas  2012 Silver Pandas, Koalas, Britannias, Eagles, SMLs  Chinese 2012 1oz & 1/10oz Gold Pandas  Aussie 2012 1oz Silver Dragons  Aussie 2012 1oz Silver Kookaburras  U.K. 2011 1oz Silver Britannia  China 2011 5oz Silver Pandas  2011 Aussie 1oz Silver Koalas  China 2011 1/10oz & 1/4oz Gold Pandas  China 2011 1oz Silver Rabbit, Fan Silver Rabbit, 1oz Colorized Rabbit  Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer's Guide

Feature Categories: Certified Panda Coins & Lunar Coins

Chinese silver panda coin
Silver panda coins
from 1983 to present

Chinese gold panda coin
Gold panda coins
from 1982 to present

World Lunar-zodiac coins
Lunar-Zodiac coin series
from world's famous mints

Chinese platinum panda coins
Platinum panda coins
from 1987 to present

Chinese panda coin gifts
Coin wood gift box,
Gold & silver bezels

PCGS and NGC Certified Panda Coins
certified panda coins

Chinese unicorn coin
Unicorn coins
from 1994 to 1997

Chinese panda medals
Low mintage panda

Australian Kangaroo Nuggests
Royal Australian Mint
Kangaroo nuggets

Isle of Man Cat Coins
Isle of Man cats
from 1988 to present

Chinese commemorative panda coins
Commemorative panda

Chinese Kuan Yin coins
Chinese Kuan Yin,

U.S. Eagle coins, Annual proof sets
U.S. annual proof set,
Eagle coins

World silver coins
Silver coins: Canadian,
UK, Australian & more

*About Fake Pandas*

CE's Current Inventory Includes:

U.S. gold, silver and platinum eagle coins, U.S. silver and clad proof annual sets with 50 state quarters, Australian gold and silver lunar animal coins, Australian gold kangaroo nuggets, Australian silver kookaburras, U.K. silver britannias, U.K. gold sovereign, Mexican gold and silver libertads, Mexican silver onza, Gibraltar gold dog coins, Isle of Man gold, silver and platinum cat coins, Isle of Man platinum Nobles, France gold roosters, Switzerland gold Helvetia, Canadian gold and silver maple leafs, Chinese gold, silver, platinum and palladium panda coins, PCGS & NGC certified pandas, Chinese gold and silver unicorn coins, Chinese silver Kuan Yin coins, Chinese gold, silver and platinum lunar animal coins, Netherlands gold Gulden coins, Austria gold Ducat coins, Australian silver and platinum koala coins, Russia Ballet gold and silver coin sets...   updated 03/13/2016

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