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The Swiss 20 Franc Vreneli gold coin is one of the world's classic gold coins and quite popular among coin collectors and investors.  Great coin collections always include gold coins with beautiful designs, a fascinating history, and high quality.  Meanwhile, Switzerland, neutral since its creation by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, has long been synonymous with stability and fiscal strength due to its practice of backing its currency with large quantities of gold.  Therefore, we highly recommend these strictly private, gold coins from Switzerland to coin collectors and investors.

Switzerland has a long, proud history of minting fine gold coinage since 1492. These Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coins were only issued from 1897 to 1949 in solid gold. 
The obverse of this Swiss 20 Franc, considered by some as the loveliest of all Swiss coin designs, features a bust of a Vreneli, the charming Swiss Miss of Swiss lore.  She wears a garland of flowers and appears against the background of the Swiss Alps. Above her head appears the word HELVETIA, which is why this coin is also referred to as a Helvetia.  The reverse features a Swiss shield over a background of an oak branch tied with ribbons.  The denomination (20 FR) and the date also appear on this side.

The Swiss 20 Francs coins in our store are guaranteed to cointain .1867 troy oz. of pure gold, and they are in high quality, Uncirculated mint condition.

Switzerland Helvetia 20 Francs Uncirculated Gold Coins (1897 - 1949)

Gold Content: 0.1867 oz  Diameter: 21.0 mm  Thickness: 1.40 mm  Fineness: 90%
Denomination: 20 Francs

Obv  Rev

1901 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin n/a SOLD OUT
1897 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin n/a SOLD OUT
1902 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin n/a SOLD OUT
1907 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin n/a SOLD OUT
1914 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin

1925 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin

$209.00 SOLD OUT
1927 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin

$209.00 SOLD OUT
1930 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin

$209.00 SOLD OUT
1935 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin
(5 available)

$209.00 SOLD OUT
1949 Helvetia Uncirculated Gold Coin


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