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CHINA MINT  (What's my lunar animal?)

Chinese 1/2oz Fan Shaped BU Gold Lunar-Zodiac Series (2000-2011)

(Fineness: 99.9%, Quality: BU, Weight: 1/2oz, Shape: 30 Degree Fan Shaped, Mintage: 6600)
All coins come in original mint capsule with box.

2009 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold & 1oz Silver Ox Set
Obverse: The Niangziguan Pass of the Great Wall in Shanxi Province.
Reverse: A buffalo playing in the water.
$869.00 SOLD

2008 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold & 1oz Silver Rat Set
Obverse: The Yanmen Gate of the Great Wall.
Reverse: Mother & baby rates.
$949.00 SOLD

2007 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Pig
Obverse: The Bianjing Building of the Great Wall.
Reverse: The Pigs.
n/a SOLD

2000 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Dragon
Obverse: The gate tower of Shanhaiguan of the Great Wall.
Reverse: A design of a dragon flying in the clouds.
n/a SOLD

2001 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Snake
Obverse: The gate tower Chenghai Lou of the Great Wall.
Reverse: A snake design.
n/a SOLD

2002 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Horse
Obverse: The Huang Yakou Gate of the Great Wall in Tianjin.
Reverse: Two running horses.
n/a SOLD

2003 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Sheep
Obverse: The Great Wall at Mutianyu.
Reverse: Three sheep.
$845.00 SOLD

2004 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Monkey
Obverse: The Badaling Great Wall.
Reverse: Two monkeys.
$845.00 SOLD

2005 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Rooster (no COA)
Obverse: The Juyongguan Great Wall.
Reverse: A chicken family.
$825.00 SOLD

2006 Fan Shaped 1/2oz Gold Dog
Obverse: The Great Wall-qingyuan Gate.
Reverse: Two dogs at play.
$1119.00 SOLD

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